Wedding part 3 – the day itself…

wedding photo

the happy couple

It’s not the end that matters, it’s the journey. It’s the entire first night dating we shared together talking until the wee small hours. It’s the meals I cooked him in his all boys flat, it’s the time we racked up telephone bills in the six months we spent living in different cities. It’s the laughs, tears and all that we shared on the way to our wedding day.

wedding photo

some of our decorations

Last minute prep…

I began our wedding day at 6.30 am in the bathroom, blowing up balloons and trying to let my FH sleep a bit longer. We found ourselves creeping into the back yard of the reception venue early morning and hanging the balloons on the washing line – as you do. I’m glad we did as the overall result was stunning.

I felt more than a million dollars after hair, makeup, preening and pruning, then slipping into my gown. The process you go through with wedding preparations and beauty treatments is a journey in itself. All day, I swished around in my gorgeous lacy number, hardly believing this was me. It was a good attitude to have, as many things went wrong on our day. I forgot my bouquet for the ceremony and didn’t realise until the photographer asked afterwards. Someone took our car keys from the ceremony and we had to ride with the photographer. My husband forgot his belt and had to borrow his father-in-laws. I couldn’t get my contact lenses in and after instruction and encouragement from my father and sister; it was my lovely make-up artist that shoved them in my eye sockets for me. She had a vested interest to get the make-up started.


our ceremony location

It’s traditional for the bride to be late, right?

As everyone rushed about in a panic around me, finishing outfits, fixing and unruly wad of hair, making snacks, packing bags, I was obliviously perched on cloud nine. None of that mattered as I was about to go and marry the man of my dreams.

Down the road my father and I whizzed in his convertible, listening to highway to hell (his choice), I was about to marry my sweetheart. What more could you ask for?  My father and brother walked me down the aisle to my husband. We had a few hand-squeezes and good luck wishes then we marched three in a row. There was a marked improvement from the rehearsal the day before where we had my brother out in front, dragging me while my dad was dawdling behind and me in the middle being pulled in different directions. Some swear words and Dad’s army training came in handy and we seemed more graceful while chanting “hup, two, three, four”. My brother insisted that that wouldn’t do and we upped our game to silence. Finally reaching the top of the aisle, Dad slipped a lotto ticket and 50 bucks into my groom’s hand and said good luck.  I quite agree; he needed it.

This will go down in history – well, my history anyway…

Now that we’ve got the wedding itself behind us, I feel there should be some sort of marker in history. Our wedding was a very momentous day for us. We have references in time like BC – Before Christ. I believe I need to refer to life before our nuptials as BW – Before Wedding and PW – Post Wedding. I guess the closest you can get in this day and age is by adding it to your Facebook timeline. If my idea catches on, people could describe their stress as Post Wedding Stress (PWS) Syndrome. That’s what honeymoons are for. Ours (honeymoon in Bali) went swimmingly, by the way.

my heels

my heels

New title, new name, new me…

I love the feeling of greeting my new husband and we call each other that all the time. We’re still trying to get used to it. Like a new jumper, you have to wear it in a bit before it gets comfortable. But for now, it’s a blissful novelty.

I’ve got a new persona, a new title, MRS, and changed my last name. It feels a bit strange but eventually when people ask the simple question of what my name is for a hair appointment, I won’t even need to pause and think. Perhaps I won’t even need to correct myself as I accidentally say the name I used the first twenty something years of my life.


wedding bands

Thanks guys…

To all those that have been part of our life journeys that have led to the moment when we became husband and wife – thank you.  However big or small a part you played; you helped shape us into who we are today. Understand that we are not a traditional couple.  It was common knowledge that we were eloping. Somehow, a few family members found their way into it. Earlier this year, we  told everyone to keep their eyes peeled on Facebook and all their questions about our wedding would be answered. Now they are. Here’s hoping you’re all okay with it.

wedding photos

Dad and his grandson at our wedding reception

Here’s a little PW (Post – Wedding) Advice:

Everyone has an opinion; let them have it then do what you want anyway. Remember it is about you and your groom and at the end of the day you’re going home together. And so, I leave you with this advice, the smaller the guest list, the better.


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