My Intimate Raglan Beach Wedding – the best bits



The reality of weddings is that they are messy, imperfect, real.  They don’t go as planned.  The most important parts are beautiful memories that fill you with happiness, like:

  • My husband leaning over and telling me I looked beautiful
  • My husband’s vows that he conjured in the half hour that I was late to the ceremony, which made all us girls cry
  • Walking between my brother and father down the aisle
  • The beautiful readings my mother and mother in law gave us
  • Having our sisters sign the register
  • The real and the re-enacted giving of the rings by my sister and her then-sleeping son
  • Eating fish and chips down at the wharf, looking out to sea, surrounded by our two families
  • Slipping on the garter that my sister hand-made from my mother’s wedding dress
  • Sipping Moet and doing last minute decorations the night before with my family in law
  • Watching my little nephew sing and dance to his favourite song at the reception
  • Spying my father sitting on the edge of the private wharf whispering to his beloved first grandchild
  • Standing as a newly married couple surrounded by loving family and knowing that we joined them together
  • Laughing with my new husband as we pose like models for wedding photos
  • Being called sister by my grooms family
  • Sipping champagne from the crystal glasses my mother in law gifted us, arms entwined, with my husband
  • Eating a good, honest kiwi roast for dinner and looking out to the water and the reflecting lights

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