Yesssss – published!

Writers Anthology pic

I’VE BEEN PUBLISHED! Excuse the shouting but it’s always a heart-fluttering, jump for joy no matter where or when you are published. Being published gives acceptance, acknowledgement and acclaim. Who wouldn’t be excited? My short story based on a childhood memory is in the Geelong Writer’s Anthology 2012 ‘Splashes of Colour’.

Recently I travelled to the little seaside town of Geelong an hour away to collect my copy of the Anthology.  In the back of a small coffee shop a few of us gathered and heard each other’s stories. My lovely husband indulged my need for recognition and gave me an afternoon and his support. He enjoyed zipping down the highway in our manual rental car. As I have only recently become a bit more serious about writing, I haven’t been published since university days. This was big. I returned home with a sense of pride and a healthy dose of confidence ready to get into the next project. Here’s hoping I can say these three word’s again soon.

I’ve put my story on this blog, ‘The tandem bike and a turn for the worst’ if you want to take a look:


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