Planning a Trip?

Negotiations in my house this week would rival those of two countries on the verge of war. The husband wasn’t the biggest hurdle either.  He went weak at the knees with promise of one of the “best winter destinations in the world.” It was an easy sell. The difficult negotiation was the debate inside my head. Should we or shouldn’t we? Bugger it, we should.  I steeled my nerves and watched the bank balance droop as I clicked the mouse in acceptance. That was it, we’re going to Canada.

Time to get the passport out

Time to get the passport out

I entered into a state of euphoria as I realised that this time in six months and one week, I would be on holiday. Actually, I’ll probably be folded into economy reading and watching everything I can get my hands on, nevertheless, I’ll be on my way.

Enough about me.  When you next face the similar tribulations of whether to lock in a vacation, you must visit Planapple. As the aptly exotic title hints, this site is the answer to your travel planning dreams. It removes the hard work from planning.

Here’s what Planapple can do for you:

  • Surf the web to find interesting ideas on sites you like.
  • Save those pages to your trip on Planapple with the bookmarking tool.
  • Talk about stuff with trip mates back on Planapple via comments in the discussion section.
  • Organize things into lists, make decisions, and perhaps build an itinerary.
  • Go on your trip and access the stuff you saved on Planapple from the mobile app.

Now all you need is a trip idea. Happy Planappling!

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