Manly by Night

Manly Wharf all lit up

Manly Wharf all lit up

Having frequented Manly by day on numerous occasions, I was seeking a new way to view and old friend. There you have it, Manly by Night. To be honest, I planned an afternoon trip but in usual fashion, particularly when travelling, I was late. So it was actually a happy accident.

Land ahoy!

Land ahoy!

Turning its back on Sydney’s silhouette outlined in lights, the boat saunters towards the dock. The northern lights attract my attention and as the buildings come into view I see they’re apartments. Inching further towards the apartments, I look into their lounge rooms. I swap lives with them for a moment in my mind. I could get used to a seaside apartment in Manly. I really could.

Beach strolls by moonlight

Beach strolls by moonlight

It’s Saturday night and as we step off the lower deck, we see people churning through the Manly Wharf in both directions. Most people are milling about the streets in search of food and beverages. An ice-cream parlour catches our attention. Why not? We think. It is the seaside after all. We make a beeline for the beach. Listening to the small waves lapping with ice-cream in hand, we stroll along the seaside on a well-lit path. People are walking, running and chatting. I could even pass for a local right now. Shame the housing isn’t quite in my price range.


Sydney Ferries travel from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf every half hour approximately. Pleasant sailing will take half an hour and you’ll be there before you know it. For more information, click here.







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