Moonlight Cinema

Strolling through the Botanic Gardens in the moonlight arm in arm, there’s a smidgen of romance in the air. Well, it’s a tad cold out and getting dark so I guess I have an ulterior motive. Rustling bushes stopped me in my tracks. We weren’t alone. Carrying on up the dimly-lit path leads us to Moonlight Cinemas.

"Sit down in the cheap seats please"

“Sit down in the cheap seats please”

The Lego Movie is showing tonight and there’s healthy mix of the young and the young at heart. There are a few four-legged freeloaders in the treetops but they leave the lawn for ticket holders. A clear starlit sky is bordered by regal trees. We all point our picnic blankets towards the big screen and bats swoop overhead. The neighbouring Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) crowd roared in the background and allows those interested keep up with the live footy score.

Movie of the evening, "everything is awesome" indeed

Movie of the evening, “everything is awesome” indeed

Natural surrounds make a refreshing change to the average cinema experience. Usually the movies are buried in the depths of a mall, lined with red carpet and littered with butter popcorn.

Grab a blanket and settle in for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience. Just watch out for the bats on your way out.

Melbourne’s outdoor cinema runs from December to March at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Moonlight Cinemas is across Australia with locations in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Port Douglas and Sydney. If you’re up for a bit of extra comfort, go for Gold Grass. For more information, click here.

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