Three Sisters and a Cheeky Brother

“What the hell are you doing? Are you ill?” I ask my brother who is in the middle of pulling a face. He seems unimpressed to say the least.

“I’m imagining my three sisters.”


He doesn’t have to imagine much, I’m standing right next to him and the other two are just a multimedia message away. New South Whales’ hazy Blue Mountains have a collection of three dilapidated rock formations that resemble a preschooler’s clay sculpture. This trio of rocks is more commonly referred to as ‘The Three Sisters.’ Aboriginal Legend explains that the three sisters are named Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo and they were unfortunately turned to stone.

The real Three Sisters' in the Blue Mountains, New South Whales

The real Three Sisters’ in the Blue Mountains, New South Whales

The landscape surrounding us is like a basin where Mother Nature has turned a tap and a blue tinted fog has gushed out. It sits between the green canopy and the clouded sky in a blurry illusion. The technical explanation for the blue appearance is that fine drops of eucalyptus oil vapors are released and dispersed from the trees into the surrounding air.

See that famous blue mist from the Eucalyptus Oil

See that famous blue mist from the Eucalyptus Oil

Tourists bustle along every inch of the guard rail like ants on the valley’s edge. I shut it out and stare across the abyss below, the landscape invokes a sense of calm in me. I was here as a scraggly teen almost twenty years ago with my two sisters and the rest of the family. I was the first in line to lurch off a cliff via scenic railway, which is much more daring than the name suggests. With a fifty two degree incline, it had us literally holding onto our seats. Today I’m content to pause and smell the Eucalyptus on the bush walk to Echo Point Lookout.

These people were here once

These people were here once

The Blue Mountains are an easy train ride from Sydney’s city centre. We knew we were getting closer when the view from the train window changed from suburbia to bush and the tracks began a slow incline into the mountains. Lunch was a non-event in the sense that it was ordered but never arrived. Perhaps the staff wanted to teach us touristy, city slicking hipsters some patience and show us how things work around here.

Up close with nature

Up close with nature

On one side of the main street there is a snazzy Double Decker bus that charges a small fortune. You can cross the road for the no-frills local bus that meanders down the road, around a few corners then arrives at the desired location for a few dollars. You could also walk, which is precisely what we did on the return journey to town. The hills are great for toning legs and burning calories too.

After returning to the city I skim past Facebook only to find my face mounted atop the tallest of the three sisters alongside to my two siblings. Next to us is my brother, pointing in our direction with that same begrudging look.


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