Bondi to Coogee Walk – a not so lazy Sunday


Sydney is a city possessed with trendy eateries. Forget the mantra ‘you are what you eat’, now you are where you eat. A side effect is that everyone seems to flock to the same place to dine. Rather than being deterred by a swelling crowd buzzing around a busy café, locals feel reassured. We walked past several perfectly good café’s on our way. No matter, this is just what they do in Sydney.

Fifteen minutes later, we fold ourselves into a small table and chair arrangement in a corner by the window. We have to acknowledge the table besides us as they are part of the dance to accommodate our party of three. The stool I park up on wobbles enthusiastically. Vying for attention from the busy staff, we place our order as they rush about trying to feed half the suburb at once. We give up a spare rickety stool to a grateful patron. My muesli and smoothie ensemble is good and it needs to be. My brother and husband gorge on brunch and we do not mess about. There are more people waiting and we have a mission before us.


Down the road, Bondi Beach snakes around the coastline to Coogee. This popular expanse of shoreline seems to be like the café we just emerged from. Everyone in Sydney wants to be on this particular track. We take up position on the path in a throng that resembles ants rushing up and down clifftops. We really should have got up earlier but who does that on a Sunday morning?


A fine mist hovers in the breeze, issuing the welcome scent of sea salt. The sun takes centre stage and we are ready with SPF 50+ and hats. A clear sheen cascades our foreheads. Remember to bring a water bottle. Boats intersperse the horizon and the Tasman Sea looms beyond. We navigate rocks as a trail eases over clifftops. There are dubious clusters of rocks with phallic resemblance that have caused a pile up. Cameras and selfie sticks have been drawn from backpacks. They are all bonkers if you ask me. Of all the scenery on either side of these bloody unfortunately shaped rocks, this is what will adorn the digital walls of Facebook for the next twelve seconds.


A park opens up behind the trail and offers a rest spot which we gratefully accept. Back on the trail we curl around towards Clovelly. Another piece of prime real-estate is taken up by a quiet group of unassuming residents, Waverley Cemetery. Coogee is still away from our sights but it’s time to make a U-turn and head back to Bondi. We surprise ourselves with the distance covered, the changing scenery removes all inclination for complaint or fatigue. The afternoon is farewelled in style with a beverage and a snack at the local pub. Sydney does it again and the first place we try turns us away. By Sydney standards, I guess that would have been a really good one then.



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