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I’m a self-diagnosed geek, a Chartered Accountant that loves to write as a freelancer in my spare time. I analyse everything; numbers at work and words at home. I have attended a number of short courses on writing topics including travel, digital writing, fiction, and non-fiction. I studied grammar at The University of Waikato as part of my Bachelor of Management Studies. I have been published in The Weekend Australian as well as websites and anthologies.

Published Stories:

Travel There Next – Stanley Park, Vancouver – By Electric Bike

The Weekend Australian  – Travel & Indulgence Magazine – A taste of surf and turf

The 21st Anthology of Canterbury Writers 2014 – Out of Your Tree

Moments in Time: Geelong Writer’s Anthology 2014 – ‘School’s Out’

Short and Twisted 2014Toorak Trappings

Easy Weddings Website – Real Weddings Blog – ‘Christie & Harrison’s no-fuss beach wedding in New Zealand’

Splashes of Colour: Geelong Writer’s Anthology 2012 –‘The Tandem Bike and a Turn for the Worst’

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